Verify an ID or Use Veri-Lock.

The Veri-LockTM App for Notaries gives you options:

  • ID Verification: Verify the authenticity of a government-issued ID. The state-of-the-art ID verification process determines in seconds whether the ID is real or fake. Not only that, it also compares the photograph on the ID with a selfie of the signer and determines if they match.
  • Lock-A-Doc™: Is used for the creation of an important document such as the sketch of an invention, the signing of a contract, or the execution of a will. The app captures an image of the document and images (selfies) of the parties, as well as date, time and location.
  • Veri-LockTM: Use Veri-LockTM to prevent forgeries of your notary seal and signature, to prevent ID theft of the signer by a con artist, to establish the authenticity of the notarized document, and to preserve evidence for investigators when fraudsters slip by. (Includes ID Verification).
  • e-JournalTM: Keep notarial records in the Veri-LockTM e-Journal and make notarizing a document even easier and more organized. (Includes ID Verification and Veri-LockTM)
  • COMING SOON: RON: Eliminate unnecessary travel with Remote Online Notarizations (RON) in states that authorize them. (Includes, ID Verification, Veri-LockTM and e-Journal)

Simple, sequential, intuitive and yet the most comprehensive process.

The Veri-Lock App for Notaries is so simple and intuitive that it literally emulates your real-life notarization experience. First, you enter the signers who are appearing before you. Then you confirm their identities by verifying their government-issued IDs. Next, they and you sign the documents and you apply your seal to the documents. Finally, you digitally lock the authenticity of the document, seal, and signatures.

ID Verification using state-of-the-art technology.

The Veri-Lock App for Notaries can help you validate government-issued IDs

  • Driver’s license
  • State ID cards
  • Federal ID cards
  • Passports
  • And others

Unique identifier for every notarial transaction.

The Veri-Lock App for Notaries generates a unique, 7-digit combination of letters and numbers for every notarization you perform. Using this “hash,” you will digitally lock the authenticity of the document, connecting your signers and you (rather than imposters) to that document at that date and time. Nobody else can access your Veri-Lockapp to generate this unique number, which prevents con-artists from being able to steal or forge your stamp.

Conveniently store your sequential journal of notarial acts.

To protect your professional identity from theft and forgery, the Veri-Lock App for Notaries instructs you to take a picture of the signature page of each notarized document. These pages will be encrypted and protected by blockchain technology, and they will remain easily accessible to you. You also have the option to use the PDF function to copy and store the entire notarized document, and if requested, send it to your client.

The Veri-LockTM App for notaries is now available on the App Store and Google Play! Download the FREE app today!

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