The Veri-Lock® App is
The Most Secure & Easy-to-Use
Electronic Notary Journal

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The Veri-Lock® App is
The Most Secure & Easy-to-Use
Electronic Notary Journal

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About Veri-Lock by Veritable Data Solutions

Real Estate Fraud happens every day because of ID Fraud.

The notarization process provides no easy way for notaries to prevent ID theft and forgery. We estimate that as much as $750 Million is lost every year as a result of title fraud.

Checking IDs with the naked eye is no longer enough.

Fraudsters now use more sophisticated techniques that put notaries at risk. A sincere mistake can leave a notary unprotected, which could lead to criminal or civil penalties for misconduct.

Notary Stamps are 13th Century Technology.

Our society expects notaries to ensure that parties to real estate and business transactions can trust each other. Unfortunately, the archaic notarial process prevents notaries from doing their job effectively.

Introducing Veri-Lock®, the new Electronic Notary Journal that verifies identities in real time

The Veri-LockTM App for Notaries uses state-of-the-art technology to protect notaries and their clients from forgery, ID theft and title fraud.

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    Ensures that signatures on all deeds, powers of attorney, and other important notarized documents are authentic and not forged.

    Ensures that the notary’s seal has not been forged.

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    Gives notaries confidence that the government-issued ID is not fake.

    Gives signers confidence that the notary is reliable and trustworthy.

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    Permanently stores encrypted data using blockchain technology.

    Creates a digital trail on an encrypted blockchain network to protect notaries from ID theft and false lawsuits.

    Enables notaries to easily print reports of specific notarizations when necessary.

How Veri-LockTM works

Verify an ID or Use Veri-Lock.

The Veri-LockTM App for Notaries gives you options:

    • ID Verification: Verify the authenticity of a government-issued ID. The state-of-the-art ID verification process determines in seconds whether the ID is real or fake. Not only that, it also compares the photograph on the ID with a selfie of the signer and determines if they match.
    • Lock-A-Doc™: Is used for the creation of an important document such as the sketch of an invention, the signing of a contract, or the execution of a will. The app captures an image of the document and images (selfies) of the parties, as well as date, time and location.
    • Veri-LockTM: Use Veri-LockTM to prevent forgeries of your notary seal and signature, to prevent ID theft of the signer by a con artist, to establish the authenticity of the notarized document, and to preserve evidence for investigators when fraudsters slip by. (Includes ID Verification)
    • e-JournalTM: Keep notarial records in the Veri-LockTM e-Journal and make notarizing a document even easier and more organized. (Includes ID Verification and Veri-LockTM)
    • COMING SOON: RON: Eliminate unnecessary travel with Remote Online Notarizations (RON) in states that authorize them. (Includes, ID Verification, Veri-LockTM and e-Journal)

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Veri-LockTM Team

David Fleck

Co-Founder & CEO

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Allan Martia

Co-Founder & COO

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Sourjya Banerjee

Chief Technology Officer

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Robert S. Broshears


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